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Great Article & Review from our friends Sally & David Hanson

Posted by Mike Phelps on

Our business clients find great value in our customized, wholesale calendars to help promote their business and rewards their clients.  One of our business clients, Hanson Real Estate, has a great article on their blog about how they use our calendars for their business.

Here are some excerpts from their B-Utiful Calendars DO come in Paper..& Are Remembered! article.

"calendar[s] with gorgeous full color photographs of our area and but of course...Our photograph, brokerage logo and contact information displayed all year in a variety of places"

"It it not just ANY calendar...sprinkled throughout the pages are local events reminders.  In southeastern Wisconsin...that is a bunch with a summer full of lakefront/ethnic festivals everyone enjoys."

"We send our friends at American City our mailing list and POOF...they are mailed for us with extra ones sent to our door to use for people we add to our list throughout the year.  Nothing could be easier or show your clients a more quality image 365 days a year than one of these calendars."

"It's easy to order and better to be remembered with one is your link to order your calendars...a year of staying in front of your present and potential clients"

Thank you Sally David Hanson for such a great write up about calendars and direct mailing service.  We are so lucky to work with so many great clients like you!

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